Drones llegaron al agro

The ADP drones allow analysts to identify soil types, nutrient composition and irrigation patterns.

Uruguay agribusiness is getting increasingly high-tech with the addition of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones to Southern Cone airspace.

Agronegocios del Plata (ADP) is the first company in Uruguay to add drones to its arsenal of tools for maximizing farm productivity, according to InfoNegocios’ Gabriel Gomez.

Outfitted with Japanese cameras, the ADP drones fly one half mile above the Earth and photograph the farmland below. The images allow analysts on the ground to identify different soil types, water sources, irrigation patterns and the composition of nutrients below.

ADP’s Marcos Guigou says the drones allow the company to accurately measure average productivity per hectare and identify opportunities for improving yields on individual properties.

Each drone has a base sticker price of US$60,000 but can run as high as US$100,000 depending on the bells and whistles on board like F16- style computers. (Full Story in Spanish)

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