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980,000 and Rising: The total area of Uruguay timberland will surpass 1 million hectares in 2014.

The rapid evolution of forestry in Uruguay took another giant step forward in 2013 with the addition of 40,000 new hectares (100,000 acres) of timberland.

In an interview with El Observador’s Juan Samuelle, the manager of the Uruguay’s Society of Forestry Producers (SPF) Atilio Ligrone says 20,000 hectares were second plantings on existing timberland, while the other half were plantings on cattle pastures or crop farms with no previous timber history.

Even more impressive is the fact that 60% of those 20,000 first-time-forestry hectares were planted on small cattle farms with roughly 100 to 150 hectares (250 to 370 acres) of land.

“We could say that 100 new producers in Uruguay have entered the forestry business by adding timberland in a complementary fashion to their existing farms with cattle, crops or other existing activities,” said Ligrone.

On the 20,000 hectares where replanting took place, Samuelle says the majority of Uruguay tree farmers used superior genetic material and select species identified to thrive in that soil, the focus of the recently concluded 6th Annual International Colloquium on Eucalyptus Pulp. (Full Story in Spanish)

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