Last week tens of thousands of Uruguay farmers, families and equipment vendors descended on the Soriano countryside for the 20th edition of Expoactiva.

And while state-of-the-art machines from the likes of Claas, Deere and New Holland occupy the most real estate at the annual event, this year’s Expoactiva sales were dominated by small technology companies offering renewable, cost-saving solutions for local farmers.

“Renewable Energy Technology Led Expoactiva Sales” is the headline of Juan Samuelle and Pedro Silva’s analsyis in El Observador which features an interview with the president of the Soriano Rural Association, Jorge Andres Rodriguez.

“The growth of the Expo was very good. And even though there were sectors where sales slowed down, there were many small companies offering high-tech solutions for reducing costs that sold very well,” said Rodriguez.

The winner of this year’s Expoactiva Innovation Prize was Concrete Canvas, an innovative concrete impregnated fabric from the UK which can be used in agricultural settings to build sturdy, concrete-lined reservoirs and irrigation canals in record time. (Full Story in Spanish)

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